Currently only two companies provided electricity to Marked Tree and the surrounding areas: Craighead Electric and Entergy
Entergy typically supplies both single phase 7.62 kV distribution voltage and/or three
phase 13.8 kV distribution voltage throughout area of Marked Tree. We use standard and/or underground transformation devices to convert to high voltages like 120/240V, 240/480V, etc.Entergy Arkansas provides competitive RESIDENTIAL service as of April 2012 at a cost of $95.42 per 1,000 kilowatt hours of usage.
Entergy Arkansas provides reliable SMALL COMMERCIAL service for a base monthly cost of $18.05 plus $3.29 per Kilowatt KW Demand (in excess of 6 KW) plus approximately 4.2 cents per kWH on our SG1 Small General Service Rate schedule.
Entergy Arkansas also provides Larqe General Service(LGS) rate schedules and/or Large Power Service (LPS) rate schedules that are applicable for larger Commercial and/or industrial customers. Please know that Entergy Arkansas has Time Of Use rate schedules for Industrial customers that may benefit off-peak hours. etc.


Fuel Oil - E.Ritter Oil Company Hwy 63 B, Marked Tree 800-272-4435
Fuel Oil Malone Oil Company 107 Grant, Marked Tree 870-358-2176
LP Gas Kohn Bray Butane Co. 16 Elm St., Marked Tree 870-358-2833

WATER & Sewer

Municipal: Marked Tree Water & Sewer 1 Elm St. Marked Tree 870-358-3634

Telephone, Internet and Cable

E. Ritter - 106 Frisco Marked Tree 870-358-4400