Membership Information


Classes of membership in the Chamber will include active and ex-officio. Memberships will run
with the calendar year.


Persons and organizations interested in the commercial, industrial and civic progress of the
City shall be eligible for active membership. Active and ex-officio members will enjoy identical
rights, including that of voting and holding office. Ex-officio members will be the Past President
and the Mayor of Marked Tree.


Annual dues and voting rights of the general membership of the Chamber shall be as follows:
Individuals - $15.00 (1 vote), Couples - $25.00 (2 votes), Businesses - $35.00 (1 vote), and
Industry - $100.00 (2 representatives – 2 votes)

Dues will be paid by the 31st of January annually. Individuals or organizations joining the
Chamber after the due date shall pay the full amount due for the year.
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These requirements are from the Chamber's bylaws revised and adopted April 19, 2012
mtcc bylaws revised 4-19-2012.docx
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