The Benefits of Commercial Landscape Lighting

Commercial landscape lighting helps businesses make a good impression on customers and clients by highlighting their best features. It also adds security and deters crime.Commercial Landscape Lighting

Floodlights can produce a wide beam of light that illuminates a large area. These fixtures are commonly used to highlight commercial signage, plants, statues, or other landscape elements. Visit to learn more.

The right commercial landscape lighting can highlight the features of your property that you’re most proud of – whether they’re signs, architecture, or gardens. This adds to your property’s curb appeal and can help with branding, letting customers know you have what they want and need.

If you’re a business looking to create a welcoming atmosphere at night for your patrons or a complex owner wanting to light up your parking lot, we’re here to help. Trained by the top low-voltage lighting manufacturers and backed by their warranties, our team of experts is ready to bring your property to life.

In addition to providing your patrons with a comfortable environment, landscape lighting can also increase safety on your property. Walkways without lighting are difficult for people to navigate, which can lead to tripping and falling. When illuminated, these walkways can be clearly marked, and your guests can feel safe navigating them at night. Additionally, many insurance companies offer reduced rates to businesses that install lighted landscaping, as it dramatically reduces crime on the premises. Well-lit properties feel less ominous to criminals, who tend to avoid them in favor of dark, shadowed areas they can hide in.

Increased Attraction

Commercial landscape lighting can help you create a beautiful showcase for your property that looks great night in and out. The lights can draw attention to specific elements of your landscape that you want to highlight and make the whole space more attractive to passersby, which can help drive business your way.

For example, if you have a pond or water feature on your commercial site, you can use landscape lighting to highlight it and help people see it more clearly at night. You can also use the lights to highlight trees, flower gardens, patios, walkways or other architectural features. Commercial landscape lighting can also be used to create flattering views of any buildings on your property.

You can also increase the value of your property with commercial landscape lighting. A study by the National Association of Home Builders found that well-lit exteriors were the number one rated “desirable” and “essential” feature for potential home buyers.

Another benefit of commercial landscape lighting is that it helps reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries on your property. You can install pathways and other lighting to create a safe environment for employees, customers and visitors. Additionally, if you’re using LED lighting, it’ll last longer than other types of fixtures and use less energy. This makes it a good choice for businesses that want to save money on maintenance and energy costs.

Decreased Crime

While many commercial properties have a variety of security features in place, including alarm systems and cameras, landscape lighting can be an important part of deterring crime on your property. Criminals are less likely to loiter or commit crimes in well-lit areas because it’s easier for neighbors and passersby to see what they’re doing, increasing the likelihood of intervention or reporting to law enforcement.

Brightly lit property also notifies customers and others that the business is still open at night. A dark or dimly lit property looks closed to those passing by and could frighten them or make them feel unsafe, which may lead to burglaries. Additionally, burglaries are a lot harder to solve when they’re committed in the dark because images captured on CCTV often appear pixelated or blurry and do not provide enough evidence for prosecution.

A major study in New York City showed that crime rates decreased by 39% when public housing developments received proper landscaping and lighting. These results confirm what people intuitively know about crime and CPTED: lighting is an effective crime-control measure when used correctly. It’s a proven way to reduce crime, and it can be used in conjunction with other community-based strategies like greening, re-purposing blighted sites, and hot spots policing.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Commercial landscape lighting provides numerous energy savings, which are especially valuable for a business that is concerned with its energy costs. Most landscape lights feature LED bulbs, which consume significantly less power than traditional incandescent bulbs and offer long-lasting performance, reducing maintenance needs and electric bills.

There are many different types of landscape lighting fixtures available to help you achieve a specific look. Flood lights are ideal for illuminating large areas, while spotlights are useful for drawing attention to trees, shrubbery and other decorative elements. Bollards provide simple visibility to pedestrian walkways, while bollards with color changing capabilities let you change the mood of your property with the press of a button.

Post lights are popular among landscape designers, providing subtle pools of light for pathways and entryways. Recessed lights are concealed within grounds or in the exterior of buildings, offering uplighting, moon-light effect and shadowy drama. Pathway lights can be mounted on walls or posts and can illuminate stairs, paths and other obstacles for safety and functionality.

Many landscape lighting fixtures come with timers, which allow you to control when the lights turn on and off, minimizing energy use. Additionally, lighting integration with smart hubs offers even more energy management opportunities. This includes adjusting your lights based on the sun’s schedule or weather conditions for maximum efficiency and comfort. The possibilities are endless for a commercial landscape lighting system that will make your company stand out from the crowd.

Reduced Insurance Rates

While the upfront cost of landscape lighting may seem high, it can help to reduce commercial insurance rates. That is because effective exterior lighting helps to prevent the types of slip and fall accidents that could lead to expensive lawsuits. The right landscape lighting design can even help to reduce the risk of fires.

A well-lit property can also help to deter burglars and thieves. Properly placed lighting can highlight entryways to your business, creating a safer path for your employees and visitors. Additionally, the right lighting can show off unique architectural features of your building. This way, potential clients can see how your company stands out from the competition and will be more likely to contact you.

It is important to work with a professional when installing commercial landscape lighting. They will be able to properly select and install the right fixtures for your business’s specific needs. For instance, you might need to invest in low voltage LED lights that are designed for outdoor use. Consumer grade fixtures often fail to effectively dissipate residual heat, which can cause them to dim or flicker over time. Additionally, they do not perform as well in terms of Kelvin temperature or beam spread.

A commercial landscape lighting designer will help you to find the right light for your property, whether it be a security or decorative fixture. They will consider the color temperature and lumen output of each light to ensure that they provide optimal illumination for your location. They will also work to create a design that complements the rest of your storefront, so it is cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

Increased Safety

Commercial landscape lighting is a great safety feature for businesses that operate after hours. Many crime-related incidents occur in dark areas because criminals can hide in the shadows and escape detection by security cameras and witnesses. By adding lighting to the property, criminals are less likely to target the business and patrons will feel more comfortable entering.

The added lighting also helps customers navigate around the property at night. Creating a well-lit environment reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents as well. Whether the business is a local restaurant looking to create a cozy ambiance on the patio or an office complex wanting to highlight an outdoor meeting space, our outdoor lighting experts have the experience and knowledge to make your property more safe.

When choosing a lighting installation company, choose one that is trained and certified by the top low voltage lighting manufacturers to ensure proper installation and worry-free maintenance down the line. Additionally, using higher-quality bulbs and fixtures will reduce the chances of damage or malfunction over time.